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Alchemy carbon cyclocross bike

Flickr Friday – Black Cat – Alchemy – Stoemper – Breadwinner – Parlee – Mooney and more

Round up of the best looking handmade American frames and bikes in cycling over the past couple of weeks.

Gallus Cycles touring bike with custom chrome racks

Gallus Shows Off Three New Bikes – Touring, Track, SS

Three recent bikes that Gallus has published show off his exceptional talent and builder range.

A-Train Cycles custom stainless steel gravel bike

A-Train Cycles Custom Stainless Steel Gravel Bike

Custom blend of stainless tubing designed to give this bike a comfortable gravel grinding ride.

616 Fab stainless steel cyclocross bike

616 Bicycle Fabrication Stainless Steel Cyclocross Back From The Dead

This stainless steel cyclocross bike from Michigan has great looks and an interesting back story.

Anderson Custom Bicycles stainless steel road bike frame

Anderson Custom Bicycles Polished Stainless Steel Road Bike

Polished lugs blend with paint and stainless steel to create this beauty.

Independent Fabrication SSR stainless steel road bike

Independent Fabrication SSR Stainless Steel Road Bike

Excellent photos detail this Shimano and ENVE spec’d stainless steel road racer.

Icarus Frames

Directory Of Custom American Handmade Road Bike Frame Builders

Listing of all of the handmade road bike frame builders in the United States.

Anderson Custom Bicycles polished stainless steel lugged road bike

Anderson Custom Polished Stainless Steel Lugged Road Bike

Polished stainless steel lugs add character to this versatile road bike.

StanRidge Speed XCr stainless steel road bike

StanRidge Speed XCr Stainless Steel Road Bike

Check out some classy steel rides from this Ohio based builder.

custom Kelly Bedford stainless steel road bike

Making A Custom Kelly Bedford Lugged Stainless Steel Road Bike

Take a journey as this custom stainless steel road bike goes from ideas to pavement.