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Indy Fab carbon-ti XS road bike

Independent Fabrication Custom XS

Beautiful photos of a top notch custom carbon-ti road bike.

custom Kelly Bedford stainless steel road bike

Making A Custom Kelly Bedford Lugged Stainless Steel Road Bike

Take a journey as this custom stainless steel road bike goes from ideas to pavement.

custom aluminum Rock Lobster road bike

Rock Lobster Affordable Custom Aluminum Road Bike

Who says custom has to cost a fortune, not Rock Lobster.

custom Icarus steel road bike

Stealthy Custom Icarus Steel Road Bike

Looks can be deceiving as this road bike has lots of nice details if you look close.

Firefly carbon/titanium

Firefly Titanium Carbon Road Bike Beast

Firefly Bicycles out of Boston, MA make some of the most drop dead gorgeous bikes on the planet. I’m a huge fan and can’t get enough to their stellar updates….

K. Bedford Carbon/Titanium Comp frame

K. Bedford Carbon Titanium Comp Frames

Veteran builder making custom frames out of a combination of carbon and titanium.

stealthy Alchemy custom carbon

Alchemy Bicycles Custom Carbon Aero Frame

Custom carbon road frame offering what customers want at a light weight.

Kelson Custom Cycles Road Bike

Kelson Cycles Dirt Disc Road Bike

Amazing photos of a custom disc road bike made by Kelson Cycles.