Best Cyclocross Cantilever Brakes Guide

best-cyclocross-cantilever-brakesCantilever brakes and Cyclocross go together like peanut butter and jelly. When it comes to Cyclocross the peanut butter reference is mostly used in conjunction with the muddy conditions in which many races are ridden in. Cantilever brakes have been used in Cyclocross for some time due to their great mud and tire clearance. While disc brakes may be in vogue with some racers, a lot of us still have frames with canti mounts and don’t feel that the manufacturers have disc brakes completely dialed in yet for CX.

What about Mini-V brakes?

Mini-V brakes often offer a lot of power but they can be a bit touchy. Some brakes don’t offer as much modulation as cantilever brakes. Some people also feel that they are an all or nothing affair with an on-off engagement. However, V-brakes are good at getting rid of fork shudder. Clearance is also not as good for mud and leaves.</