I love cycling! I enjoy all facets of the sport from the competitive spirit of the peloton to an easy lazy Sunday ride to the coffee shop. I started Cyclophiliac.com because I wanted to write about American made cycling products and promote those that create them. This site will be predominately focused on American frame builders, parts manufacturers, racers, riding locations, and cycling service providers like shops and trainers.

I will also always focus on skinny tire cycling. This includes road cycling, cyclocross, gravel grinding, randonneuring, track racing, commuting, etc… You get the picture. If you’re interested in American made mountain biking check out OldGloryMTB.com.

From time to time I will have non-USA made products featured in my articles or news stories on products that are not made domestically. In this day in age it’s not possible to build a completely “made in the USA” bike so I won’t treat the content of this site like that either. A lot of us riders that love our country realize this and still want to keep up on the latest components for our American made rides.

If you have any questions head over to the Contact page and shoot me an email. I’m always happy to chat.

Cyclophiliac.com – Owner/Editor – Arthur Coldwater